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Information for Parents

  • Medical Home Initiative - Main Street Pediatrics, in affiliation with Children's Hospital, has developed a Medical Home Model as a way to deliver quality care to our patients. [more]

  • Behavioral / Learning Concerns - You have contacted our office regarding behavioral and/or learning concerns about your child. A common concern for parents and/or teachers is whether a child is having significant difficulty sustaining focus on activities. {more}

  • You and Your Newborn - You and your infant are ready to embark on a lifelong adventure.  There will be moments of happiness, sorrow, pride, anger, elation and despair-all of these will contribute to the growth of your relationship as a parent and child. [more]

  • Immunization Schedule - CDC - These schedules list the age or age range when each vaccine or series of shots is recommended. If your child (birth through 6 years old) or adolescent (age 7 through 18 years old) has missed any shots, consult the catch-up schedule AND check with the doctor about getting back on track.

  • Dosage Charts - Acetaminophen & Ibuprofen Dosage Charts

  • Vaccine Education Center

  • HealthyChildren.org - From the American Academy of Pediatrics