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There will be no breastfeeding support group on Tuesday February 6th


Monday       February 5th 6pm – 7:30pm
Thursday     February 8th 2 – 4:30

Wednesday February 14th 6pm – 7:30pm
Thursday     February 15th 2 – 4:30

Wednesday February 21st 10 - 11:30
Thursday     February 22nd 2- 4:30
Please do not call the office as no appointment is needed. There is no flumist available this year. Please bring your insurance cards with you as we have a new computer system.


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The Flu: A guide for parents

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Talking to your Children about School Shootings


Nutritional Shakes
As a Registered Dietitian I am hearing from many of patients  that they are interested in knowing which of the nutritional supplemental shakes are the best and which are safe for children. Here is a list of some of the most common that I am asked about as of lately.  My personal opinion is when able to offer your child real food, that would be preferable over a bottled shake.  There are many circumstances where flexible alternatives need to be available and as a mom of three children I do understand that as well.  In picking a shake if the goal is to replace milk then it should resemble milk in regards to nutrition facts as much as possible. If the goal is to provide a well balanced snack then  the shake should provide  protein and fiber  or maybe just protein with a fruit on the side for added fiber.  If you need to find a portable supplement to provide after practice  that would provide your child with protein and carbohydrate then sometimes a shake can be a good idea.

Bottom line is  the fewer  ingredients the better, no mega doses of added vitamins,  and not a significant amount of added sugar (remember on a label when you see total  grams of sugar it is including what is naturally found in the milk).
Kim Minogue MS, RD, LDN

Eating Before and After Exercise

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We will see minor illnesses only, such as: Sore throat, ear pain, cough and colds, urinary tract infections and rashes.
Chronic issues should be seen only in a scheduled appointment which include but not limited to:  Abdominal pain, constipation, ADHD, asthma, wheezing, acid reflux, breathing difficulties, mental health problems and severe headaches

*If clinic reaches max capacity then you will be redirected to the next available scheduled appointment.